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Ideas for Couple Dates//Day n Night

Hi readers,
As promised here is my scrapbook from, at least some of, the dates me and boyfriends have been on the last few months. Los Angeles, as well as most other cities, is filled with great spots that fit every budget. From expensive to completely free.

For day-time activities there are tons to do in this great city. Obviously, a beach day is a great day-time activity especially, in this heat when you do not have a pool. ;) But there are lots of other stuff to do..

Free day-time activities:

Take a day at the beach but go to a new beach, there are so many great beaches in LA.
 Hermosa Beach, remember to take 'funny-face-pictures'

Drive from Santa Monica to Malibu and stop at one of the beaches along the way, sit at the pier, take a swing, or whatever is provided at the beach. Have fun.

Attend sport activities, here playing beach handball with LATHC

You can take it further and go to a vista point and have lunch or maybe even stay for dinner and watch the sunset. We went to Rancho Palos Verdes however, just to have lunch. We will probably go there soon to watch the sunset but it is so beautiful during the day so if you decide to go for the sunset make sure to come early so you will see it during the day as well. It is breathtaking.
Oh. and make sure you take jump pictures even if they do not turn out good it is so much fun to take them and you have it as memory after ;)

Or make your man happy and go look at cars. Well, not just your man because in this case it was my idea ;)

Our favorite car to the right: Tesla. mmmhmmm

In LA there are also plenty of opportunities to combine date and working-out because there are so many stunning hiking trails. I have been to two so far: Runyon Canyon and the hike up to the Hollywood Sign. Both are absolutely beautiful and it is a really tough work-out!

You can also hike to the Malibu Waterfalls. We actually hiked up into the big waterfall because it was almost dried out. Seriously, a tough work-out but absolutely amazing!
Our next hike will be the Culver City stairs, can't wait..

Day-time activities if you are willing to spend a little:

This is the cheap one. Get into your car and take a road trip. Pack lunch if you are on a budget so you only spend money on gas. We drove to Santa Barbara and the Danish city Solvang. (Remember to take jump pictures - have fun with it)

If you go to Santa Barbara make sure you go to the courthouse. It is free and the view from the tower is absolutely breathtaking!

Snapchat your road-trip ;)

If you want to spend more, take a day at Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, Universal Studios Hollywood, or go to a fair. I have not taken my boyfriend to Universal Studies yet but we are gonna go next month possibly for Halloween Horror Night (but I am not sure if I am too afraid) ;) Oh.. and remember to take pictures with the characters within the parks. It is fun and a good memory to have!

Another great day-time activity is the Getty Museum. The entrance is free so you only pay the $15 parking fee and it is amazing. Even if you don't like museums you should go. The view and the museum in itself is so beautiful!

As I told you, last Friday we went to Los Angeles Zoo. Most cities have a zoo and it's often not that expensive. Bring lunch and spend all day. Take lots of funny pictures. 

Free night-time activities.

The sunset is free, enjoy it !! Go to a different spot, bring the dinner and have a picnic and enjoy the view. You can go to a beach, vista point, or where ever there is a view to the sunset. It is beautiful, romantic, and free (except for the food if you are doing the dinner/sunset, but you have to eat anyways)

Top left: Santa Monica
Bottum left: Marina del Rey
Middle: Malibu
Righ: Marina del Rey

We happen to have find the best spot ever to watch the sunset in LA!! (well, we haven't seen the sunset from Rancho Palos Verdes yet and I imagine it to be good but this view here is simply perfection)
It's a sand hill that is a little tough to get up but the view is stunning. You just keep driving from Santa Monica along the PCH past Malibu and Zuma beach till you get to this hill. It's called Thornhill Broom. Breathtaking. And you never know, you might spot a dolphin or a sea lion like we did ;)

If you want to go out, go to Santa Monica Pier. We went to the free Thursday concert, which was there all Summer. Check your city's website, maybe they a free concert or activity as well.

Even if it doesn't, just take a walk on the shopping street or where ever you like to go.

If you are not in the mood for too much, go to the groceries together, pick up something you both love (we love mexican food), make it together and have a nice dinner at home. Afterwards, you can always rent a movie and have a nice movie-night :)

Night-time activities if you are willing to spend:

Going to the movies is a classec. Spice it up by going to a dine-in theatre. We went to AMC dine-in in Marina del Rey. The ticket price is almost the same as a regular theatre, and the food is okay priced (You can chose a $12-15 dish, and it is delicious) The chairs are amazing ;)

 If you want a bit more activity, go bowling. This is a picture from our very first alone-date <3

 Or dress up nice, go to a lounge, have some drinks, and go dance :)

 This was all for now. If you have other ideas feel free to write a comment, we would love to hear it. Also, if you want me to elaborate on one of the dates please feel free to comment :)
 Have a wunderfull weekend!

// Trine Bay (and Victor)

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