mandag den 26. august 2013

Starting up again; thoughts

Hi all,

As you know, or can read in my previous post, I decided to stop posting on this blog, and delete all previous posts, in December last year because I was moving to Los Angeles and my family and friends wanted me to make a travel blog with pictures from all my adventures. I could not find energy to keep 2 blogs and at the same time focus on my school (which is the reason why I moved here) and at the same time enjoy my stay. Now I have been here for 7 months and I am half way through my stay, which means I am now settled and completely comfortable and happy here so therefore, I have decided to start posting on this blog again. All my adventures will still be posted on my travel blog however, all my regular posts; outfits; thoughts; guides to LA; and others will be posted on this blog only. My travel blog will remain in Danish but it is mostly pictures so feel free to follow that blog as well. I hope to get my past network of followers back.

Picture taken near Malibu by my boyfriend, edited by me. Taken with Nikon d3100
Sunnies: Hugo Boss

Trine Bay

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