tirsdag den 27. august 2013

Checking in, first day of class

Hi readers,
Right now I'm waiting for the man to get home so we can have dinner. I am so tired after a looong day. Today I had my first classes after the Summer break and thus, started Fall semester at Santa Monica College. I have classes every Tuesday and Thursday from 8.00-3.35 so there will probably be no posts on these days ;) hihi... I already have papers and assignments to do, which I will get on tomorrow.

Today I was wearing my favorite sunnies from Hugo Boss and my favorite maxi dress from my favorite store Angl. I love their stuff (in particularly their dresses) and their prices (great for poor students like me) The material of this dress is amazingly comfortable and it was only around $50. 
The picture is from last week though where my bestie visited me all the way from Denmark. I will show the dress in more details later (I wear it a lot)
The picture is taken with her Canon camera at the food court in Santa Monica Plaza by the 3rd st promenade.

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