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Nightlife in Los Angeles//Hollywood /First Guide

Hi everyone,

My first guide will be about going out in Vegas. My bestie came and visited me last week and we went out 3(!) times in less than a week so I thought I might start with a 'going-out-guide' (also, because I bet  lot of you girls want some info on this?) ;)

Where to start,
If you are into more laid-back-lounge-kind-of-feeling Downtown is a great place. A few weeks ago me and my boyfriend went to the Seven Bar lounge with some friends and we both thought it was a great place (if you don't mind paying $15 for a drink) The music and the vibe was really good.

If you want to go all out and hit some clubs I have been a few places. All of them in Hollywood because that is the 'in-spot' in terms of clubbing.

First of all; get in contact with a promotor (find them on instagram, they often have a number on their profile) Give them a call and tell them you are interested in their club and how many you are. Most of the times they can get you in for free and with no waiting in line. You should at least give it a try.

The first club I went to was Couture. It wasn't really my scene because it was mostly house music and electronic but if you like that this is the spot. They were also dancing with real, living snakes, which was an insane experience.

We went to Couture for my girls bday and because my friend had a good 'promoter-friend' we got private table, free drinks, champagne and freshly baked cookies.

If you prefer more hip-hop music like me these are the spots:
Playhouse: Playhouse is not exactly my scene, the music was great but most of the girls in there dressed really .. uhm 'non-classy'. But it is a good spot to spot celebrities. When I was there Jason DeRulo and Wiz Khalifa was there as well.

Greystone Manor (West Hollywood): again, not my favorite spot. Really good music but they smoked a lot of ... which i really do not like plus they only let people in they feel is good enough, which I hate.

Eden: Eden is a really cool spot. We went there a Thursday because Lil' Romeo was hosting his party and so him as well as Ne-Yo and T.I. were in the house. BUT. There was a lot of smoking going on and not just cigarettes. So I am probably not going back there again.

Drai's Hollywood: This is my favorite spot. It is the classiest place of them all and the music was great. Really cool spot.

Drai's Hollywood
Silje wearing a dress from H&M, shoes from Zara
I am wearing a jump suit from Angl, gold watch from Skagen, earrings from Glitter

// More going-out pictures

 The Jumpsuit from Angl

// Girls nights are great but I also enjoy going out with my lovely boyfriend both with the girls and alone. He always dresses up nice and we both enjoy it <3

At Greystone Manor

// Trine Bay

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