torsdag den 29. august 2013

Sneak Peak next guide Ideas for Couple Dates

Hi readers,
First week of school is over and I already have A LOT of homework and assignments. But that's college life, I just have to suck it up ;) My lovely boyfriend finally has some days off this weekend so we are going to spend some well-needed quality-time together. Next post will therefore, be Sunday or Monday since I am going to spend all my time with him and on my homework.
We have not figured out what or even if we are going to do something exciting but it inspired me to make a guide to you with my (and my boyfriend's) ideas for couple's dates. There are so much to do in LA and a lot of romantic spots to go to - even for poor students like myself ;) I will therefore, give you guys a guide next Friday September 6, so stay tuned for some inspiration - even if you are not in a relationship you can always bring a good friend. ;)

Picture sneak-peaks:

Expect last picture, which is taken with iPhone5, all the pictures are taken with my Nikon d3100

Have a great weekend, I know I will.

// Trine Bay

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