mandag den 2. september 2013

Outfit post

Hi readers,

New month and a new season. However, here in LA it is like Summer has first now really arrived. It has been so hot all week, which is great in a away, I would have preferred hot weather before I started school though ;)
This Labor Day weekend me and my boyfriend actually ended up doing a lot of stuff, stuff good for couples as well as friends. So stay tuned for the couple-dates-post this Friday where I will tell you more about it. I will make a post or two about this weekend on my travel blog within the next couple of days though, so go check that one out as well.

This Friday we went to see a movie and while waiting we went to see the sunset (more details about this on Friday) I was (once again) wearing my favorite dress from Angl

 Photos taken by my boyfriend with Nikon D3100, edited by me
Dress: Angl
Earrings: Glitter
Watch: Skagen Denmark
Sunnies: Hugo Boss

Have a great Labor Day.
// Trine Bay

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