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Birthday, Halloween , and Universal Studios

Hey readers,

Happy halloween!
1 week ago, the 24th I turned 22! :) My sweet boyfriend surprised me when I came home from school. He had decorated the living room and took me to dinner later the evening to Olive Garden, a nice Italian restaurant. Friday we threw a small birthday party and celebrated with a few friends.

The wall decoration

The table decoration and the awesome package/present from my sister <3

A surprised and happy birthday-girl

Present from my bf. I love this case from Zagg for my iPhone 5s:

My mom and dad celebrated from Denmark

- Me and my boyfriend went out to dinner
Dressed up for bday dinner:

My Michael Kors Shoes
 My Bf's Michael Jordans

My sweet boyfriend arranged for Olive Garden to bring me a chocolate bday cake, with a light, and accompanied by a birthday song <3

We finished with a walk to my favorite part of LA (and the world), Santa Monica. More specifically; Santa Monica Pier with our matching shoes 2 times Michael (Kors and Jordan)

Friday I went to the hair salon and got a cut and color. Afterwards I got a nice mani-pedi. So awesome. Friday night me, my boyfriend, and some friends had a very small but fun birthday party with the all American beer-pong.

What do you think? I like my new bangs :)

I was very focused

Of course my boyfriend had bought me a huge bday cake <3 (with chocolate) 


The weekend before my birthday we went to an early Halloween party, so we are not doing anything tonight. But it was cool to see how people at school (Santa Monica College) were dressed up. Amazing :-)


And we got to dress up for the early Halloween party.
Looking at the many options:

 Making Halloween, blood spatter nails (see my Instagram video to see how it is done)

Final result:
Bloody Doctor and Crazy Carrie

What are you going to be dressed up as??

Also, I got my 'scare' for one year when we went to Halloween Horror Night in Universal Studios Hollywood! Wow. That was insane!!

Have a happy and SAFE Halloween everyone. Take care of yourself and each other!

Trine Bay

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