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Hi readers and followers,
Here is a little personal post about my amazing life right now, my love(s), and my favorite city: Los Angeles.

At the Getty Museum with view over my favorite city, Los Angeles. A perfect Saturday-date with my amazing boyfriend <3 (taken with Nikon d3100)

Me and my life
I was born and raised in Kolding, Denmark.
I moved to Los Angeles January 8, 2013 to study at Santa Monica College.
It is a part of my Bachelor degree in English and International Studies, which I am taking in Aalborg, Denmark.
I am going back to Denmark December 17th to finish my Bachelor.
(Knock-on-wood) I will receive my Bachelor degree next Summer - 2014
I am currently looking into the options of taking my master here in Los Angeles but I might have to take it in Denmark because of the insane tuition foreigners like me have to pay. :(
Me and my boyfriend have been a couple for almost 5 month <3333

We've been so many places already. This is taken in front of Universal Studios last Friday. If you visit L.A. you have to come here. (Taken with Nikon d3100)

I have played Team Handball since I was 5 and started playing for LATHC almost as soon as I got here. I love, love, love this team. It's a developing team since Team Handball isn't the biggest sport in the U.S. but the players are dedicated and love to play! It's truly amazing.

 Me in action ;) (Picture taken by our team's photographer)
 Both teams from LATHC: men and women's team. Both won gold in Vegas (Picture taken by our team's photographer)
Some of the amazing girls from LAWTHC. This is the team that went to Vegas. And won gold ;) I love them all <3 <3 (Picture taken from our team's photographer)

LAWTHC is going to El Salvador in December to play agains national teams from Latin America. It's going to be a big challenge and an amazing experience. I can't wait.

My loves:
I love my family and I miss them. That's the good thing about me leaving Los Angeles in 2 month-ish: I get to see my family after a whole year in the States.
I love my boyfriend, obviously ;) <3
I love when he takes me places and we go explore this amazing city and create memories together
I love Los Angeles (I think you got it by now ;))
I love my Handball Team (just making it clear;))
I love music. Beyoncé is my all-time favorite. 
I love my friends and I love a girls-night once in a while, I am not the big club-type so I only enjoy that scene once in a while or if there is a special occasion: I prefer private parties, staying home or maybe a lounge type-of-scene 
I love traveling
I love dancing
I love driving around with the windows down, feeling the LA air, and having my music on blast. (I don't have a car, so this is a curtesy of my boyfriend)
I love palm trees. 
I love bird-of-paradise flower. Also known as Crane flowers. It's my favorite flower
I love flamingoes. It's my favorite animal (to look at, they smell so bad)
I love weekends (who doesn't?)
I love the christmas holiday, so it's the best time to go back to DK in December
I love chocolate and European candy
I love fashion, fashion blogs, and fashion magazines
I love being active: hiking, playing sports etc.

 Universal Horror Nights. This was taking during the day. At night I was sooo scared. (Picture taken with Nikon d3100)
 Mr. cutie <3 (Picture taken with Nikon d3100)
I tried to wakeboard in Lake Arrowhead at our friends house. Couldn't get up though. I blame the strong wind ;) Points for trying? (Picture taken with Nikon d3100)

Me and my friend's daughter in Lake Arrowhead. (Picture taken with iPhone 5s)
Biggest dream:
To live in Los Angeles (Preferably: Santa Monica) with my boyfriend, play for LATHC, and work for a Danish company/organization or in United Nations with developing work.
Crazy dreams:
To make Team Handball one of the top 5 sports in the U.S.
To make real handball courts, with the actual measurements, all over LA (and the U.S.)
Silly material dreams:
To have ocean view and a rooftop pool with a bbq area
To own a Céline bag
To own Chrisitan Louboutin shoes
To own Isabel Marant clothes
To have a walk-in-closet (of course)

This was just a little about me. I hope you enjoyed it :)

Trine Bay

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  1. Los Angeles ser helt fantastisk ud. Må bare der til end dag! :)